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Mr. Xu Wei

At LEADER Machinery, we consider environmental protection an integral part of corporate philosophy. We are convinced that protecting environment is beneficial to our long-term success.

By taking a look at several pressing environmental issues, the greenhouse effect, endangered species, and decreasing rainforests, it is easy to see that our environment would continue to get worse if we do not take the initiative to protect it. Hence, whether we like the idea or not, we should integrate environmental and social factors into our products and business operations.

At LEADER Machinery, we take full responsibility for what we do in the manufacture of plastic extrusion line, plastic recycling line, and auxiliary machinery for plastic processing. This simple principle is applicable to our colleagues, clients, and suppliers.

Our Vision for Environmental Protection
Profit Orientation

It is undeniable that making money is one of our primary concerns. However, it is equally imperative for us to strike a balance between gaining profits and protecting environment.

For us, responsibility not only means we abide by the law but is also a commitment to the environment and society.

Via taking environmental protection measures, we constantly make improvements to our produces and operations. These improvements increase the environmental benefits involved in the use of our plastic extrusion machinery.

Improving environmental conditions, as we figure out, requires the total involvement of all employees.

Great durability, reliability, and long service life are the major benefits of our product for its end users. Getting a product that can provide decades of daily use means you are reducing wastes. Our after-sales service team stands behind each piece of plastics extrusion equipment we have sold. We also stock the most complete range of spare parts to ensure your faulty machine does not go to waste when it can be repaired by replacing the defective parts.

Our greatest contribution to the environment is the development of quality products which not only last long, but also use wasted plastics which might do harm to the environment and turn them into valuable plastic products.