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Mr. Xu Wei

LEADER Machinery extrusion machinery is recognized by customers worldwide. It can be found in more than 30 countries and regions, such as in Russia, Italy, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Moldova, Kazakhstan, South Africa, Uganda, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iran, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Argentina, and Chili.

We take pride in analyzing problems occurring during product delivery, finding their root causes, and providing feasible solution.

Purchase Case 1

In 2010, a Romania customer who serves electric wire and cable industry came to visit our company. During the tour, the customer was pleased with our technicians and price quote. He brought with him the samples of electric wire and cable, and signed a contract with us right on the spot. Based on his requirements for finished plastic products, we manufactured the corresponding plastics extrusion equipment within the shortest possible time. During his second visit, the customer tested and inspected the ordered equipment, and was quite happy with the purchase. This further led to a second order from him.


Purchase Case 2

In 2011, an Australian customer from stationery industry ordered a 3-layer co-extrusion line from us. The customer would use it to produce file folders. He required us to deliver the equipment in 40 days, a product which normally would take us 60 days to complete. In order to speed up the production, we designed a simplified solution. Coupled with a proper schedule, we finally delivered the product on time and to customer’s satisfaction.


Purchase Case 3

In 2013, a Saudi Arabian customer in piping industry purchased 2 PPR plastic pipe extrusion lines. When the equipment arrived at the site, the customer met some problems with the installation and proper use of the product. Upon receiving customer’s feedback, experts in our technical department immediately shot a video of how to install and use the extrusion machinery and sent it to the customer. After seeing the video, the customer was finally able to handle his equipment.


Purchase Case 4

In 2013, a Russian customer from thermal insulation pipe industry ordered 2 sets of HDPE pipe extrusion equipment. The extruded pipe should fall into the diameter ranges of 110-450mm, or 500-1200mm. At the moment, the ordered equipment is under commissioning and installation. Our technicians are in Russia to assist the customer in arranging electrical and water infrastructures. The project progresses smoothly and is expected to be put in operation in December 2013.