Auxiliary Machinery for Plastic Processing

To complete a plastic extrusion line, a variety of upstream and downstream equipment is needed such as the plastic mixer, plastic shredder, plastic pulverizer, pipe belling machine, roll laminator, and hot stamping machine. LEADER Machinery's auxiliary machinery range covers them all. These components can be both used as standalone devices or integrated into plastic pipe extrusion line, plastic sheet extrusion line, plastic profile extrusion line, and plastic recycling line. For more information on the equipment, please look through the specific web page or contact us any time you like.

    1. High Speed Plastic MixerAnother use of our mixer is in the drying and dewatering of ABS, PC, or other engineering plastics prior to the forming process. The plastic mixing equipment is also suitable for blending of phenolic resins.
    1. Plastic CrusherMade of quality tool steel, the knife features a telescopic design, and can be sharpened once its gets dull. It can be used repeatedly, delivering a long service life.
    1. Plastic PulverizerStationary grinding tables seldom require sharpening or replacement. When table change is necessary, the pulverizer allows for easy replacement and alteration.
    1. Plastic Pipe Belling MachineThis means our pipe belling machine can be both used as a stand-alone device and integrated into the plastic pipe extrusion line. When used with molds of various specifications, the machine can accomplish the belling of plastic pipes with plain ends or gasket pipes in diameters from 50mm to 500mm.
    1. Plastic WinderThis single-reel plastic winder comes with a tension control, and is ideal for use with en extrusion line where it automatically winds up various plastic pipes, tubes, and profiles onto the reel. The take-up speed of the winder is adjustable to be in sync with the line speed.
    1. Film Laminating Machine for PlasticsLANGYI’s roll laminator is specially designed for applying films to plates. Roll lamination is commonly used to laminate films to PVC sill board, plastic home panel, wood flooring, medium-density board, plywood, and the foam board.
    1. Hot Stamping Machine for PlasticsModel OTR-4100 or 6100 stamping machine is specially designed for stamping irregularly-shaped plastic profiles. Available also with pneumatic control of compression and release motion, the stamping roller is coated with silicon adhesives for resistance to high temperature and offers various stamping angles.