Plastic Film Extrusion Line

LEADER Machinery is a specialist in the manufacture of plastics film machinery. We can provide the PE film blowing machine, 3-layer PE blown film coextrusion line, and the LLDPE stretch film machine. Due to its reliable quality, the plastic film extrusion line is widely used to produce various plastic films, including laminated film, packaging film, stretch film, mulching film, and heat shrink film. If you are looking for the plastic film production equipment, stop looking further and call us now.

    1. PE Film Blowing Machine Belt carriers of the caterpillar haul-off are adjustable in height. Proper height adjustment allows effective cooling of hot plastic films of various sizes.
    1. 3-layer PE Film Co-Extrusion Blowing MachineLANGYI’s 3-layer film coextrusion blowing machine is designed to meet the customer’s evolving demands. All models are equipped with high-performing extruders for minimized power consumption.