Plastic Recycling Line

If you are in the plastics recycling industry and you are looking for plastics recycling machinery, then you have come to the right place. We are a China-based manufacturer of pelletizing line and related equipment. With years of hands-on experience gained in the plastics machinery industry, we now provide customers with the following pelletizing equipment:
1. PP strand pelletizing line
2. PE Double-Step Granulation Line
3. PVC Melt Pelletizing Line
4. PET Bottle Shredding Washing and Drying Line
5. Plastic Film Shredding Washing and Drying Line
Due to the high price to performance ratio of our product, we have received great reviews from the plastics recycling industry. If you are interested in this type of pelletizer, please feel free to contact us.

    1. PP/PE Strand Granulating LineThis strand granulating line is specially designed for processing polyolefin with high melt flow rate and viscosity. It takes a variety of recycled plastics, such as the packaging film, mulch, and plastic greenhouse film, and forces their resin through an extruder and extrusion die.
    1. PP/PE Double Step Granulating LineRaw plastics suited for the processing include PE, EVA, PVC wasted film, ABS, and PP. Another typical application is in the palletizing of nylon and POM crush.
    1. PP/PE Recycling Line with Water Ring GranulatorThis water ring granulating line relies on mechanical friction to produce enough heat necessary for softening the plastics. Unlike traditional granulation method that draws raw plastics into narrower strips, this palletizing line twists the melt to noodle-like strands before being cut into pellets.
    1. PVC Hot-Cutting Granulating LineThe PVC melt pelletizer uses PVC resin, recycled plastics, or thermoplastics as raw materials and convert them into valuable pellets. It is also suited for the pelletizing of color masterbatches and fillers.
    1. PET Bottle Flakes Crushing Washing Drying Recycling LineBales of plastic bottles are taken to your factory. On the PET bottle flakes crushing washing drying recycling line, the bales are broken into loose bottles which then go through a pre-wash and are sorted manually before being shredded into bottle flakes.