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PVC/PP/PE/PC/ABS Small Profile Extrusion Line

We are able to leverage our vast experience in research, development, and manufacture of pipes, profiles and sheets extrusion lines to create more value for customers. Our small profile extrusion line is made up of the single-screw extruder (or twin-screw extruder), vacuum sizing bench, haul-off machine, cutter, film applicator, and the upender. It has the benefits of uniform plasticization, low shear rate, high production output, and long service life.

The main extruder uses a variable frequency drive for speed control. The temperature control instrument is of RKC or Fuji brand. Among various downstream components we have integrated into our small profile extrusion line, the vacuum pump and haul-off machine are of good quality, which require limited maintenance.

By employing the twin-screw extruder, operators can produce foam boards for use as wood replicas. With the same extruder, operators also can produce plastic-steel composites for windows, doors, electrical conduits, and many more.

1 The extruder adopts the optimally design screw to create micro pores in the polymer resin, and enable uniform plasticization, and ensure high extrusion output.
2. Imported variable frequency drive delivers a stable rotation speed which makes sure the synchronized movements between the extruder and auxiliary machinery.
3. The vacuum sizing bench uses a vortex cooling system for effective cooling and sizing. According to the size of the specific extrusion die used, we will choose the either a 4m or 6m sizing bench to accommodate high speed extrusion requirements.
4. Made with advanced elevation technology, the haul-off machine works stably with large traction force.
5. The dust collector is added to our small profile extrusion line for clean operating environment.

Technical Specifications
Twin-Screw Extrusion Line
Model No. SJSZ 65/132 SJSZ55 /1 10 SJSZ 51/105 SJSZ 45/90
Extruder Model No. SJSZ-65 SJSZ- 55 SJSZ-51 SJSZ-45
Maximum Width of Finished Product 300mm 200 mm 150mm 100mm
Production Capacity 250kg/h 180kg/h 150kg/h 90kg/h
Main Motor Power 37 kw 30 kw ,22kw 22 kw 18.5kw,15 kw
Hual-Off Machine Power 3 kw 2.2 kw 2.2kw 1.5kw
Sawing Power 1. 5 kw 1.1kw 1.1 kw 0.75kw
Weight 12 000kg 10000kg 8500kg 7 000kg
Size (mm) 2400 0 ×1800×2700 2400 0 ×1800×2700 2200 0 ×1700×2500 21 00 0 ×1600×2500
Single-Screw Extrusion Line
Extruder Screw Diameter (mm) Length to Diameter Ratio Main Motor Power (kw) Production Capacity (kg/h)
SJ-45 Ф45mm 25-32 7.5-15 30-40
SJ-65 Ф 6 5mm 25-32 15-30 60-80
SJ-90 Ф 90 mm 25-32 45-75 120-200
SJ-120 Ф 120 mm 25-32 90-110 200-300
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