Plastic Sheet/Plate Extrusion Line

Our expertise also extends to the plastic extrusion machinery industry. We mainly supply the PP sheet extrusion line, PET sheet extrusion line, PE sheet extrusion line, PVC foam board extrusion line, twinwall plastic sheet extrusion line, corrugated sheet extrusion line, and waterproof sheet extrusion line. When you order from us, you are assured of high performance with the extrusion equipment available at an attractive price. Since its founding, LEADER Machinery has received great reviews from customers in the US, Korea, Russia, UAE, Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Libya, Bangladesh, Mexico, Chili, etc.. If you have any product related questions, please feel free to contact us.

    1. PET/PBT Single Layer/Multi-layer Sheet Extrusion LineDiscarded PVC sheets, whether they are landfilled or burned, would do harm to the environment. In comparison, PET sheets contain only three elements: C, H, and O. They are totally recyclable and won’t leave any residuals or toxic gases after being burned.
    1. PVC Free Foam Sheet Extrusion LineDownstream components on this free foam sheet extrusion line include the vacuum calibrating bench, belt haul-off, edge-trimmer, slitting saw, and pallet rack.
    1. PP/PE/PC Hollow Grid Sheet Extrusion lineThe hollow grid sheet extrusion line, or twinwall sheet extrusion line, takes PP, PE, PC, and PVC as raw plastics to produce fluted sheets with a choice of width ranging from 1300mmm to 2100 mm and thickness from 2mm to 10mm.
    1. PVC/PP Corrugated Sheet Extrusion LineOutstanding corrosion-resistant and weatherproof characteristics make the corrugated sheet a top choice for use as the roofing of workshops, warehouses, and car sheds.