Plastic Pipe Extrusion Lines

One area of LEADER Machinery’s expertise is in the manufacture of plastic pipe extrusion line. On our website, a broad range of plastic pipe extrusion equipment has been listed to accommodate various pipe extrusion requirements. If you are in the plastics industry and you are looking for an extrusion line that produces water pipes, fuel gas pipes, drainage pipes, drinking straw, or catheter, then you come to the right place. Our pipe extrusion machinery mainly includes the PVC pipe production line, PP production line, PE pipe production line, double pipe production line, corrugated pipe pipe production line, large-diameter HDPE pipe production line, and PE pipe production line. Simple operation, high output, and long service life are the major benefits of our extrusion equipment for its end users. If you have an interest in any of plastic pipe equipment, please feel free to contact us.

    1. HDPE Gas Pipe/Water Pipe Extrusion LineThe HDPE pipe extrusion line comes with a unique extruder screw and grooved barrel, which are specially designed to cope with high density polyethylene materials.
    1. PE/PERT/PPR Water Pipe Extrusion Line

      A variable frequency drive is used to facilitate motor speed adjustment so that the speed of our PPR pipe extrusion line matches the output requirement. As a matter of fact, the main electric parts on this extrusion line are all of well-known imported brands.

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    1. Fiber Reinforced PVC Hose Extrusion Line

      A major advantage of the fiber-reinforced hose over ordinary hoses is its low cost. Other benefits of using the reinforced hose include its non-toxic property, softness, light weight, durability, and maximum resistance to stretch, acid, alkali, and corrosion

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    1. Steel Wire Reinforced PVC Hose Extrusion LineSteel wire reinforced PVC hose is made up of the spiral steel wire incorporated within the wall of flexible PVC tubing. Glass-like clarity makes this hose a real eye-catcher. Resilient and non-toxic, the hose often operates within an allowable temperature range of between -10°C and 65°C.
    1. UPVC Double Pipe Extrusion LineLeader Machinery is a specialist manufacturer of pipe extrusion equipment. Its UPVC double pipe extrusion line is made up of the LSZ51, LSZ105, LSZ65 or LSZ132 conical twin screw extruder, extrusion die, and other downstream components.
    1. DGD Series PE Drip Irrigation Pipe Extrusion LineA few years back, Leader Machinery saw the huge potential in Chinese drip irrigation tubing market. To capitalize on this potential, the company has invested considerable effort in the research and development of DGD series PE drip irrigation tubing extrusion line.
    1. PP/PE/PU/PVC Medical Hose Extrusion LineThis catheter extrusion line uses an ST-45×25 extruder for efficient extrusion of catheter from PP, PE, PU, and PVC resins. Both the extruder and marking machine adopt the variable frequency drive to ensure the speed at which extrusion is done stays consistent.