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Fiber Reinforced PVC Hose Extrusion Line

The fiber reinforced PVC hose extrusion line is a reasonable combination of equipment, including the extruder,spray tank, belt haul-off, filament winding machine, take-up machine and many more. Guaranteed performance, convenient maintenance, and the ability to operate continuously for long make this PVC hose extrusion line a popular choice.

A major advantage of the fiber-reinforced hose over ordinary hoses is its low cost. Other benefits of using the reinforced hose include its non-toxic property, softness, light weight, durability, and maximum resistance to stretch, acid, alkali, and corrosion. The hose is especially suitable for transporting pressurized or corrosive gas or liquid. Customers often use the hose to water gardens and lawns. The hose, which is produced by our PVC hose extrusion line, makes an ideal tube wherein the air, water, coal gas, oil, and other liquids and gases flow. Its allowable operating temperature range is between -5℃ and 65 ℃.

Technical Specifications
Model No. / Parameters Hose Diameter Range (mm) Extruder Model No. Production Rate (m/min) Maximum Productivity (Kg/h) Installed Capacity (kw) Dimension (m) Weight (t)
LPXG20 10-20 LSJ45/28 1-10m/min 40 30 20×3.5×2.5 8.5
LPXG40 16-40 LSJ65/28 1-8 m/min 80 60 25m×3.5×2.5 10
LPXG50 20-50 LSJ75/28 1-5m/min 100 75 28×3.5×2.5 13
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